Saturday, September 25, 2010


Our naturalist guide Kelly came in from her tour this week with quite a story. For as far as she could see there were jellyfish in the waters of Elkhorn Slough. The Captain reported that this does not happen very often, and the last he remembered seeing so many was about 7 years ago. Kelly was fasinated by their movements, by the several different types, and by the variety of sizes. Jellyfish are taken wherever the sea currents flow because jellyfish have little power of their own. The incoming tidal current brought them into the slough. They have continued to see the jellies all week. The photos here are of sea nettle jellies taken from the tour boat.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

More Sea Otters

Sea otters were just everywhere these last few days. There alot of wonderful wildlife observations that you can particpate in. These numbers of sea otters are just one of the top wonders to experience. The otters group together in rafts for the "safety in numbers", there are more eyes to keep watch for danger. They most often rest and snooze when in these rafts. Quite a sight to see and enjoy.